Submission Guidelines

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Submit to Scandinavica - International Journal of Scandinavian Studies

Scandinavica is a scholarly journal published twice yearly, in spring and autumn. Its focus is the literature and culture of all the Nordic countries; submissions are welcome from specialists in any field of Scandinavian Studies, including (but not limited to) literary studies, history, art, film and media studies, linguistics, and Medieval Scandinavian Studies. Each article considered for publication is peer-reviewed (double blind) by specialists in the appropriate field(s). We welcome submissions from postgraduate, postdoctoral, and experienced faculty in any area and any period of Scandinavian Studies. Suggestions for inclusion in the non-peer reviewed Comment & Debate section are also welcome, as are proposals for guest-edited theme issues. Translations or lightly revised versions of articles that have appeared or will appear elsewhere are not usually accepted for publication in Scandinavica.

Articles are published in English only. They may be submitted in Danish, Swedish, French or German, and will be translated into English, in collaboration with the author, before publication. All materials used should be consulted and quoted in the original language, followed where necessary by an English translation. Submissions should follow an in-text referencing system such as Harvard system, indicating author’s name, date of publication and page number in the text, e.g.: (Smith 2003: 34), with full bibliographical information in the References section at the end of the article, e.g. Smith, J. (2003): A History of Scandinavia. London: Fictional Press. Please use endnotes, not footnotes, and keep these to a minimum.

Please submit articles in Word format as an email attachment to the Editor, Dr Claire Thomson (claire.thomson(аt) There is no need to send hard copy.

Scandinavica prints reviews of recent publications in the field of Nordic literature, languages and culture. Unsolicited reviews will be returned, but we do consider suggestions of reviews and reviewers (please send these to the Reviews Editor, Professor Janet Garton, at j.garton(аt)