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Scandinavica is a scholarly journal focusing on the literature and culture of all the Nordic countries.

On our website you can find details of recent issues, including the full text of some articles and all reviews, as well as information about how to subscribe, how to submit an article for publication, and how to contact us. Brief biographical sketches of some of our recent contributors are also available.

Articles from our latest issue

  • 'Remembering Cnut the Great': Introduction
  • 'Merry sang the monks': Cnut's Poetry and the Liber Eliensis
  • King Knútr the Great in the Early Scandinavian Histories
  • 'Love-sick' Knut: Medieval and Early Modern Commemorations
  • So Far and No Further: The Story of Cnut and the Waves

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National/cultural coverage

Scandinavica concentrates on the culture and literature of:

  • Denmark
  • The Faroe Islands
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Sweden

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