Cover of Vol 49 No 2, 2010Vol 49 No 2, 2010


John Mitchinson

(University College London)

The Saming of the Few: Post-Colonialism without the 'Other' in the Faroe Islands

Malan Marnersdottir

Women and Ballads: The Representation of Women in Faroese Ballad Tradition

Anne-Kari Skarðhamar

(Oslo University College)

'Dancing on the Edge between Pride and Shame': Representations of Colonialism and Independence in Gunnar Hoydal's Novel Í havsins hjarta

Comment and Debate

Elettra Carbone (ed.)

(University College London)

Nordic Research Network 2010: PhD Symposium of Scandinavian Studies in the UK

Dr Reynir Þór Eggertsson

(University College London)

Adapting, Translating and Publishing. Backwards and Forwards: The Roundabout Ways of Icelandic Literary Transmission

Anna Tebelius

(University College London)

The Many Tongues of Polyphemus: Translating Willy Kyrklund's Polyfem förvandla

Charlotte Berry

(University of Edinburgh)

Pippi, Puffin and Publishing: A Study of the Translation of Nordic Children's Literature in the UK, with a Focus on Four British Publishing Houses, 1950-2010

Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez

(University of Leicester)

Rome and the 'Barbarians': Patterns of Interactioin and Mutual Influence beyond the Northern Frontiers of the Empire (50 BC - AD 250)

Federico Zuliani

(Warburg Institute)

The Persistence of Catholicism in Denmark after the Protestant Reformation, 1536-1629

Silke Reeploeg

(University of the Highlands and Islands)

Nordic Regions of Culture: Intercultural Links between Norway and Shetland after 1770

Elettra Carbone

(University College London)

Nordic Italies: Representations of Italy in Nordic Literatures between the 1830s and the 1910s

Guy Puzey

(University of Edinburgh)

Finding a Periphery: Understanding and Comparing Language Activism in Italy and Norway

John Mitchinson

(University College London)

Danish in the Faroe Islands: A Post-Colonial Perspective

Kristina Sjögren

(University College London)

Gender Discourses in Scandinavian Modern Breakthrough Literature


Photo Credits

'Toftir south of the Skálafjørður in Eysturoy, Faroe Islands' by Erik Christensen